The Difference between Platform Speakers, Motivational Speakers and Keynote Speakers

There can’t be just one kind of speaker job that fits all categories. Just like doctors and their specializations, speakers can have their own specializations.

Platform speakers are among the most common kinds of speakers right now. These are people who can deliver content on almost any kind of topic. But they aren’t particularly focused on the topic they’re delivering. They’re more focused on promoting their products. These products could range from instructional videos, training seminars, consultancy services, clubs, and even personalized merchandise. Although they have spent a considerable amount of time mastering the content of their speeches, they are sure to spend a small part of each speech promoting their own brand.

Motivational SpeakersPlatform speakers usually take advantage of events that have a small rate. They aren’t interested in the amount they’ll earn from speaking in certain gatherings; instead, they use those as opportunities to reach out to their target markets. They’re more promoters than speakers in nature.

On another note, keynote speakers do not focus on selling products. Their main goal is to convey certain messages to the audience. These messages could be on a variety of topics and not just about motivation and success. They could talk about anything, ranging from marketing, sales, science, and even entertainment. The main difference that sets keynote speakers apart from motivational speakers and platform speakers is the fact that they are considered experts in their field. They are given the time to speak because of the message that they can deliver and not because of what they intend to sell to the audience.

Finally, motivational speakers have only one main message. Different motivational speakers have different interpretations of this message and have their own ways of imparting their knowledge to their audiences. Some use funny stories and others use their own personal experiences. Just like keynote speakers, they are paid to speak and not just to appear. This makes their appearance rates bigger than those of platform speakers.

But when it comes to earning, not one kind of speaker is above the other. Although platform speakers do not earn as much as motivational speakers and keynote speakers, they make up for it through their promotions. They may not get paid per speaking session, but they earn through their promotions. They earn sales through subscriptions and purchases of whatever it is that they promote whenever they appear.

Motivational speakers and keynote speakers enjoy higher rates because they come with a lot more promise as compared to a platform speaker. They are usually more experienced, more knowledgeable and have more knowledge and information to share whenever they talk. This is the reason why they can charge so much.

A beginner in the speaking circuit might want to start off as a platform speaker. This is because it doesn’t take much to promote a product. All they need is a product to promote and an audience to purchase it. A popular trend in the speaking circuits is for platform speakers to go professional and concentrate on just being motivational or keynote speakers when they’ve garnered enough experience. But then, there are also those who choose to stay as platform speakers because they’ve found a lucrative following of buyers who love their products.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the personal goals of speakers. What do they want to accomplish? Do they want to talk about a topic that they’re passionate about, or do they want to promote the fruits of their research and labor? Do they want to earn through discourse or through sales? Truth be told though, answering those questions isn’t easy – thorough thinking is indeed necessary.

Garden City Homes for Sale—Benefits of Buying Your Own Home

Many people may think that buying one of those Garden City homes for sale is more trouble than it’s worth because of the many processes involved. You have to submit documents, apply for a housing loan, find a real estate agent, maintain the house, and so many other things that you do not really need to do if you just rent an apartment.

However, it is important that you understand the many benefits of buying your own home. Read the paragraphs below to give you some more ideas about the benefits of owning a home in Garden City.

Sense of ownership

li-realestatefinder.comWhen people own something, especially if it is a result of their own hard work, they get a sense of pride and ownership that they cannot get from simple borrowing or renting. This also gives you a sense of freedom since you can do whatever you want with your home. You can paint it in any color that you want, hang shelves anywhere, or redecorate without worrying about damaging anything.

Sense of stability and security

Owning your own home implies that you will be living in that same place for many years to come. This is a great feeling especially for your family. Children want to feel secure and knowing that they will to be moving anytime soon gives them this feeling.

Value appreciation

Homes and other real estate properties increase in value as years go by, especially in a good location like Garden City. Buying your own home is also a great investment. If you do not have your own family and just want to travel the whole world after retirement, you can just sell your house and use the money for your travels. If you have a family and decides to another location, you can always sell the home and get more than what you actually spent on it.

Tax deductions and other perks

Tax laws also favor home owners than tenants. You can get many tax cuts by paying real estate taxes for you residential home and even your vacation home. You can also have your mortgage interest deducted from your tax returns as long as you keep your balance smaller than the price of your home.

Improves your credit rating

Buying your own home, and paying the mortgage on time, also helps you improve your credit rating. And having a good credit standing is a great benefit since it helps you get your loans approved.

A place where family and relatives can get together

When you have your own kids and grandchildren, it would be nice to have everyone over in your family home. You can also invite relatives in special occasions like weddings and birthdays or holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Choosing Your Golf Shirts: Pure Cotton or Cotton Blend

When it comes to playing golf, you have to at least wear a formal shirt to comply with the club’s regulations. But formality is not the only thing you should keep in mind. You also need to be practical when choosing the golf shirts you’re going to wear. The last thing you want to experience when making those last strokes is that feeling of discomfort just because you’ve been a bit too sweaty, or your shirt’s fabric did not fit the weather you’re playing with well enough.

Speaking of the fabric, are you absolutely aware whether you’re holding on to a 100-percent cotton or a cotton blend shirt? Experienced golfers know that a shirt is suitable for them the moment they touch the clothing’s fabric, even without seeing its collar tag. On the other hand, you’d most likely be guessing it wrong without cheating. This might not be all too significant, but picking which between the two is more favorable is a different story.

golf shirtsFor your regular clothing, it’s natural to go with pure cotton without too much contemplation. But this is not the case when you’re trying to figure out the better fabric to go with before entering the golf course. Each of these two most commonly used fabrics for golf shirts has its advantages and disadvantages you need to know so you won’t have to deal with a few uncomfortable shots during your game.

The most evident advantage pure cotton has over the other is the smoothness it offers. Pure cotton golf shirts also feel a lot better to your skin and are generally more comfortable. This, however, doesn’t mean that every shirt made from pure cotton you wear offers a higher level of comfort and softness as compared to cotton blends. Fiber quality often depends on how it is woven, finished, or milled. This is why some designer cotton blend shirts are much more comfortable to wear than your regular stock shirts made from pure cotton.

Other fabrics are often blended with cotton to create a more durable, breathable, and appealing product. A good example of a superior cotton blend is one woven with linen, which is cooler and much more longer-lasting than cotton.

Some manufacturers tend to add synthetic fibers such as rayon or polyester so that the resulting fabric would look more lustrous and have better texture. The typical cotton blend is made from 80 percent cotton while having 20 percent of another type of fabric. This gives a good balance of that cottony texture and feel.

Natural fibers such as cotton tend to wrinkle, which is certainly undesirable for golf shirts. If you’re playing golf, not only would you like to be comfortable, but also look smart by having an appealing shirt. This, though, can be achieved better by wearing shirts made from cotton blended with synthetic fibers, which makes for clothing that requires less maintenance.

Normally, there won’t be an issue whether you’d want to have a pure cotton or a cotton blend shirt if you’re playing on a sunny day. However, when the weather is cold, the latter appears to be the better option. A nice advantage to getting cotton blends is that they’re more affordable than pure cotton.

It’s really hard to distinguish what type of fabric to go with when choosing your golf shirts. There’s been a lot of debate from golf players and enthusiasts alike regarding this matter, and this might still be ongoing to date. Regardless, with each one having different qualities that make it more favorable than the other, the more important thing than knowing which one serves superior is knowing which one to wear under the weather condition you’d be playing with.

3 Uses of Neck Lanyards: What Makes Them Versatile?

Multi-tasking is very evident nowadays, and neck lanyards are no stranger to this. As most people opt for gadgets and even appliances that serves more than dual purposes, lanyards is never far behind. Using it, a person is able to carry their phone or keys hands free. It even serves as a promotional item which helps advertise brand names. In some cases lanyards also serve as an accessory. Depending on the end-attachment, it can have ribbons or a badge.

To understand more about the lanyards’ versatility, here is a more detailed explanation of its uses.

To Hold Items

Neck lanyards are used primarily to hold items. It is a hands-free solution to keeping small objects close by. You don’t have to fumble your way in your bag just to retrieve an item like keys, flash disk, or cards.

Neck lanyardsLanyards have two components: the cord and the connector. The cord is made of nylon or polyester material and is usually sold blank. This allows companies or other organization to customize it. The connector attaches the item to the cord. It can be an o-ring or a clip. Depending on the company’s wants, the connector can also be customized.

Most lanyards are used to carry pens, whistles, flash disks, mobile phones, and identification cards. Whatever it is that these lanyards will be holding, it has made it easier for user to grab items.

To Promote Business

Neck lanyards are great inexpensive means to promote business. Every employee is given lanyards to use to hold their items. Usually these are to hold IDs. However there are instances when employees use their lanyards outside office use.

When employees use lanyards, they automatically promote their business. Most of the time, these employees use the lanyards to hold personal items such as car keys or penlights. As they use these when they go out, the name of the company (which surely is written on the lanyard) is seen by either those they meet or the people around them.

Using lanyards for business promotions are not just limited when employees use this outside their offices. Companies use these too as giveaways during conventions. They prepare these for guest name tags. At times, they also offer these as souvenirs especially during events they sponsor.

To Add as an Accessory

With the usability of neck lanyards, most teens also use this as accessories. At present, there are stores that offer fashionable lanyards with colorful designs and even badges or small pendants along the connectors. They also come with other connectors that are also fashionable.

Kids also use lanyards as accessories. They use this to hold their Game boys, or Nintendos. At times, they also use this to hold their IDs, mp3 and other items. Moms also have their kids wear lanyards in case they have items they want their child to easily grab.

Lanyards for kids are usually fashioned with colorful cartoon characters to make it more attractive for them. Most toy stores offer these as part of their merchandize. Party organizers also offer these to hold kid’s name tags or even small treats such as bubbles and small toys.

Lanyard’s versatility

With the demand of items that can help present multiple purposes for multitasking, lanyards are never left behind. They serve as holders to important items, giveaways, advertisements (in their own way), and surely more depending on the users. Neck lanyards are presently customizable. These can be ordered in bulk from certain manufacturer who, at times, offers graphics designers to help out.

Whether it’s for personal use or professional use, lanyards are one of the most versatile items you can own.

A Spotlight on Printed Circuit Boards

Human technology continues to grow at an exponential rate. Every few years, major innovations in technology occur. Nevertheless, there are some innovations which continue to be relevant throughout all these years, and the invention of the printed circuit board is sure to be among them.

Basically, printed circuit boards connect the electrical components of most devices together, forming circuits. Due to this, they are similar in function to wires, which are also used in making electric circuits. Their main difference lies in the way they do their jobs. Wires take up too much space, use lots of resources, and become prone to short circuits as they age and their insulation degrades. Printed circuit boards, on the other hand, take up less space and are well protected against short circuits. They can cram many circuits into a tiny space. Since the amount of circuits in a device determines the capability of such a device to handle complex tasks, printed circuit boards are inherently superior when it comes to computing power.

printed circuit boardA printed circuit board consists of one or more layers of conductive material supported by an underlying substrate. Copper is abundant, electrically conductive, and corrosion resistant, which is why manufacturers frequently use it in creating printed circuit boards. The circuits are located on the conductive layer. To create the circuits, enough copper is stripped away during production, leaving narrow lines of copper on the surface of the bare substrate. These enable electrical signals to travel to the various components attached on the board.

Another layer, called the soldermask, is present on many circuit boards. This gives the circuit boards their distinctively green color. This layer also protects the copper circuits from pieces of metal or other conductors which might otherwise form short circuits. An additional layer forms symbols or text on the surface of the circuit board, informing manufacturers about the different connections present on the board. This layer, termed the silkscreen layer, typically has a white color.

The substrate, which forms the bulk of the printed circuit board, uses non-conducting materials, usually fiberglass or plastics, to form a physical barrier between adjacent copper circuits. Without them, short circuits would occur and damage the device. The substrate also mechanically supports the other parts of the circuit board. Furthermore, the substrate layer protects more delicate components from any shocks.

The arrangement of the conductive and insulating layers on the circuit board, as well as the number of conducting layers present, determines its type. Roughly three types are available in the market. Circuit boards belonging to the first type are called single-layered boards and contain only one conductive layer. Since they are easier and cheaper to produce but contain fewer circuits, their usage is limited to simple, low-end electronics. Boards in the second type are dubbed double-layered boards and have two conductive layers. Although they are harder to produce, they can carry more circuits and handle more electrical components. They are the most common type of printed circuit board. All other circuit boards are aptly named multi-layered boards. Containing more than two conductive layers, these circuit boards are difficult to manufacture but have the greatest computing power.

For double-layered and multi-layered boards, holes plated with a ring of conductive material are used to connect circuits which belong on different conductive layers. This allows the creation of more complex circuits.

Other components are attached on the printed circuit board. These components, which may include resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits, employ the network of copper lines on the circuit boards to supply themselves with electricity, modify the electric current, or send signals to other components.

8 Advantages of Purchasing a Steel Storage Container

In the past, storage containers were only used by large companies that require much needed space for storage, or by shipping and delivery companies that need to be able to transport items in large amounts and sizes. Now, however, it is no longer uncommon for these portable containers to be used for both retail and residential purposes.

There are a lot of reasons why buying a metal storage container is a good deal, and these are because of the several advantages that it features.

1. Flexible

Metal storage containers can be used in a number of different ways. It is perfect for shipping and delivery. It can also be easily converted into a work place, a storage area, a workshop, and even a house.

2. Sturdy

Storage containerBecause of their sturdiness, metal storage containers are the excellent choice for shipping and deliveries. Their form allows them to be stacked over each other. This is very important in platforms and delivery backyards, as well as on board vessels, where it is critical to save as much area as possible. These containers are also the most durable when compared to storage containers made from other materials (plastic, wood, etc.).

3. Waterproof

Another good feature of a metal storage container is its stay-dry attribute. This is very important for storing items in an area where weather changes is an issue. This is also a very useful feature for transporting items overseas. The flooring of these storage containers are made of sea-quality plywood to make sure that they do not corrode to the brine in the seawater.

4. Rust Resistant

Some people worry about choosing metal containers thinking that the metal might easily rust. This shouldn’t be a problem because most companies already manufacture their metal storage containers to be rust resistant, and the fact that they have the stay-dry feature also helps ensure this.

5. Fire Resistant

One more main advantage of metal storage containers is the fact that these storage containers are constructed from highly durable materials that are fire proof. This is ideal for those who intend to use them in an area where unpredictable wildfires may occur. This is also good for those who wish to safeguard their possessions in case the unthinkable happens.

6. Thief Resistant

Metal storage containers are made of hard metal panels that are very hard to destroy, making them practically safe from any attempts at burglary. Most storage containers also have doors that have incorporate additional sophisticated security features into their locking systems. This is very ideal especially if you intend to stash away very important and valuable items inside thestorage container.

7. Portable

Like most other storage containers, metal containers are also portable. This doesn’t only make it ideal for shipping, but also for those who are always on the go but need storage space for large items they need to bring along.

8. Cost Effective in the Long Term

Because they are more durable, metal containers prove to be more cost-effective in the long run even though they may cost more money upfront when compared to plastic or wooden storage containers. The cost of maintenance is lower because there is very little need to spend on repairs or up-keeping for a metal storage container. The fact that they are highly durable also gives you the option to purchase second-hand metal containers and still be assured that your container remains to be in good quality.

Because of the many advantages of a metal storage container, it is quite difficult to think of anything it can’t be used for insofar as storage containers are concerned.